Take Down Breast Cancer

Awareness Gift Boutique recently introduced a new design Collection entitled ‘Take Down Cancer’. There are several variations of the design available, from Bold to Simple to Graffiti-Style & more, to ensure that everyone finds something to suit their taste. In addition to the standard ‘Take Down Cancer’ version, specific-cancer versions are available as well such as ‘Take Down Ovarian Cancer’, ‘Take Down Lung Cancer’, ‘Take Down Breast Cancer’, ‘Take Down Pancreatic Cancer’, ‘Take Down Colon Cancer’, with many more on the way. Presently, customers have 4 variations of each cancer set to choose from. The designs are offered on t-shirts, sweatshirts, buttons, stickers, and lots of other apparel & gifts. A portion of the profits from this design is donated to medical research as is the case with all of Awareness Gift Boutique sales. It’s time that we gather together and Take Down Cancer and the designs in this Collection are the perfect way to get that message out. It should be noted that neither Awareness Gift Boutique nor the ‘Take Down Cancer’ Collection are related in any way to standup2cancer.org or to the ‘Stand Up 2 Cancer’ aka ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ designs offered by standup2cancer.org.